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Reversing homelessness, 

one tiny house at a time.

Coming Soon 

    to Central PA ...

Photo Credit: Quixote Communities

House Sketch

We are not yet up and running but have gathered some other great area resources for you.


People with all kinds of skills are needed to bring this community to reality.

Pencil and notepad

Donated items save us both time and money. Take a look at our current needs. 

Welcome to Emmaus Village!

We are a nonprofit tiny home community that will provide housing and life skills training for those experiencing homelessness. Right now, we are searching for up to 10 acres in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, on which to build homes for both individuals and families. A central community building will be a gathering place for meals and connection. Up to two years of residency will be available, making this the longest program in the area.


You can help by sharing property leads (whether land is for sale, lease, gifting, or other kinds of partnership) or by donating time, money, or wish list items.
Photo credit: Dario Valenzuela for Unsplash.
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Photo Credit: Quixote Communities

Get Involved

Did you know that 40% of Americans are one paycheck away from poverty? This stat was reported in 2019 before the pandemic. Programs like Emmaus Village can be a tremendous boost to help people get back on their feet during challenging times. You can make a difference by getting involved.

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