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Frequently Asked Questions


Photo Credit: Jon Tyson for Unsplash

Why are we called Emmaus Village?

The idea of ‘Emmaus’ comes from within the Gospel. In Luke 24, the disciples are on the road to Emmaus when they meet Jesus, an encounter that ends up transforming them. We envision a similar place of transformation and community, a place where we will walk alongside our residents as they change their lives.  


What makes us unique?

A number of aspects set us apart including: a longer period of residency, onsite staff and programs, and being a true community that still offers private, secure living spaces. All of these improve both the quality of life and the chances of future success for residents.

What is happening with Emmaus Village right now?

We have been busy building the behind-the-scenes infrastructure necessary to support a nonprofit such as ours. We are now moving into a more public phase where we need many more people to join us in fundraising and sharing the vision.


Photo Credit: Mobile Loaves & Fishes.

How soon will we be up and running?

With a strong community response in terms of funding and volunteers, we hope to find land and begin moving through the zoning and building process in 2022.


The need is surely there ... help us make this a reality!


Photo Credit: Rod Long for Unsplash

Photo Credit: Mobile Loaves & Fishes.

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