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Our Mission 

Reversing homelessness, one tiny house at a time. 

Our Vision 

Empowering those experiencing homelessness on their journey to new life in a community of dignity, hope, and peace. 


To accomplish this mission, we will build the area's only tiny home community that provides housing and life skills training for those experiencing homelessness. We will also offer the longest program in the area, with up to two years of residency available for both individuals and families.


Residents will have their own dry, warm, and secure tiny homes that are part of a larger, self-supporting community with a common building at its center. This multi-purpose common building will foster community and reduce living costs. Shared activities such as cooking and eating of meals as well as entertainment will connect residents to one another. 

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Photo Credit: Quixote Communities.



Each resident will also be surrounded by a “huddle” of people who act like family, empowering the resident to set goals and make decisions, and supporting them in their journey to a better life. When residents graduate, they will continue in relationship with the village by being a part of a huddle for a new resident.

Case managers, an executive director, and other local human service providers will offer assistance to individuals and families as they move from dependent to interdependent and self-sufficient lifestyles.


Emmaus Village will also be an advocacy station where people can learn about the realities of homelessness and what they can do as advocates. We will partner with other area programs to offer education and opportunities to volunteer and get involved.  


Hands Together
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